2020 N2GIVES Nonprofit Partners Announced!

January 8, 2020

This story originally appeared in the January issue of Traders Point Living, a neighborhood magazine published by the company behind N2GIVES, and was written by Cathy Huff. To learn more, visit N2 Publishing.

As part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and ahead of Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11, N2 Publishing has announced details of the company’s 2020 philanthropic giving: $3 million in total, gifted to 19 nonprofits. This donation marks the fourth consecutive year N2 has contributed millions to the fight against what company leaders say is the greatest injustice of their lifetime – modern-day slavery.

From the streets of Bangladesh and Bangkok to those of small-town USA, labor and sex trafficking occur every day. Modern-day slavery is a reality that an estimated 40 million people are facing globally, and no state or country is left untouched. Through N2GIVES, N2 Publishing plays the role of major donor for organizations that fight trafficking, with some focusing efforts overseas and others cracking down on modern-day slavery in U.S. communities.

As a company, we support organizations led by those with “business minds and servant hearts.” The main factor in deciding which nonprofits to partner with is the overall impact on the lives of victims and those most vulnerable to being trafficked.

This year’s N2GIVES partners are: Agape International Missions, All God’s Children International, A Safe Place, Asia’s Hope, End Slavery Tennessee, Engedi Refuge, International Justice Mission, It’s A Penalty, Love Justice International, One More Child, Real Escape from the Sex Trade (REST), Remember Nhu, Atlas Free, Restore NYC, Seattle Against Slavery, Selah Freedom, Shared Hope International, The Exodus Road, and Truckers Against Trafficking.

N2’s singular philanthropic focus on funding human trafficking-related efforts can be linked to the personal passion of our co-founders, Duane Hixon and Earl Seals, and their families. Rebecca Hixon, Duane’s wife, helped bring N2GIVES to life in 2016 and, as co-creator of the initiative, plays a leading role in the impact N2 has through its charitable giving.

With the creation of N2 Publishing’s giving program, human trafficking has quickly become a cause that touches the heart of every N2 team member. As a for-profit company, we know the strongest role N2 can play is financially supporting the best nonprofits fighting for justice for victims and survivors of human trafficking. We believe we can see an end to modern-day slavery in our lifetime. That’s why N2GIVES exists.

— Rebecca Hixon, N2GIVES co-creator

2017 marked N2’s first year of formal corporate philanthropy through the N2GIVES initiative, donating $2.2 million to dozens of anti-trafficking nonprofits. In 2018, annual giving totaled $2.9 million, including the donation of a home now used as the first emergency shelter for victims of trafficking on the East Coast. Last year, giving increased to $3 million. With the 2020 donations, N2’s total lifetime giving amount has exceeded $10 million – all to support nonprofit partners that N2 leaders say are the best at what they do: rescuing and restoring the lives of countless victims worldwide.

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